Russia’s Lavrov slams closing of airspace

The Russian government and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have slammed a selection by many Balkan countries to close their airspace to his aircraft, stopping him from browsing Serbia as planned.

Lavrov was due to take a look at Serbia on Monday and Tuesday to discuss giving the region with Russian vitality.

Lavrov known as the move to block his journey to Serbia by some “NATO users” as “outrageous,” on Monday, stating the EU and NATO were making an attempt to hinder Serbia’s no cost alternative of companions.

“Serbia must have the no cost choice,” Lavrov told a video meeting with overseas journalists in Moscow on Monday.

North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Montenegro all refused to grant Lavrov’s flight to Belgrade use of their airspace.

Lavrov has been sanctioned by the West over Russia’s war in Ukraine. The European Union has also closed its airspace to Russian aircraft owing to Moscow’s invasion.

The West needs the Balkans for itself, just as it is declaring Ukraine, Lavrov reported, adding that the EU experienced declared “war on all the things Russian.”

“No a single will be in a position to wipe out our relations with Serbia,” Lavrov mentioned, introducing that he would quickly meet up with his Serbian colleague Nikola Selakovic in Moscow.

Closing airspace is a “shameful punishment” for a place aiming to identify its international coverage independently, according to its national interests, Lavrov reported.

“The puppeteers in Brussels want to change the Balkans into their undertaking of a closed Balkans.”

The Kremlin was equally crucial, calling the closure of European airspace a “hostile act.”

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