Jimmy Failla roasts AOC’s GQ journal profile: ‘She only is aware of how to be a victim’

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‘Fox Across America’ host Jimmy Failla stated Thursday Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only is familiar with how to portray herself as a sufferer after the Democratic congresswoman’s latest comments to GQ Magazine. On “Fox & Buddies Very first,” Failla said it drove him nuts to listen to AOC claim Us citizens “despise gals of coloration”


JIMMY FAILLA: This is mad. The problem with AOC is she only is aware of how to be a victim. That is the transfer. She grew up rich in the suburbs and repurposed herself as this hardscrabble winner of the people who usually takes on the establishment by cooking mac and cheese on Instagram. Which is who she is. A reduced IQ TikToker with an workplace in the Capitol. The thing that drove me crazy was not even the race-baiting on White men. It was when she jumped in and claimed, America hates females of color. I’m like, hello there, we just spent two months providing Serena Williams the major shout-out in the history of athletics. Beyoncé has the selection one particular album on the charts. Oprah is so prosperous, she’s using people as furnishings, to basically sit on people in its place of couches. And we could go on and on with the Gayle Kings and the Meghan Markle and Kamala Harris, as you might be sitting down Vice President. Michelle Obama could be president tomorrow or at the very least get the nomination if she felt like carrying out it. So this full strategy is just professional victimhood. And the challenge is when which is all you know how to provide persons, from time to time you take silly, indefensible positions.

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