GREG GUTFELD: This is the deal with of the Republican Celebration and the Democrats are worried

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Satisfied Wednesday, absolutely everyone, what a fantastic present we have tonight. I’m so excited Jared Kushner has joined us this night. If you search intently, you can see the regret starting off to consider form on his face. And for some reason, we welcome again Mike Baker. Let us hope he can full a sentence using only 50 “umms” and 24 groans. Mike Baker, when you have to have a coherent assumed in 24 hours, will not contact him.


Yeah, all ideal, so ever given that Joe Biden’s speech from the innermost circle of hell, I’ve been imagining a lot about the foreseeable future of this country. He warned us of a terrible menace. And, no, not that he ate fiber before boarding the roller coaster at 6 Flags. It really is the intense-MAGA Republican who apparently amount in the dozens or possibly hundreds of thousands. We actually in no way get a head depend on the menace. We are not even absolutely sure they have heads.

But the vagueness of the menace absolutely is easy, primarily mainly because it’s really hard to depend anything that does not genuinely exist. Contrary to, say, the persistent and violent criminal offense we now working experience every single single day throughout this country. Oddly, none of that is caused by people in crimson hats. Simple fact is, serious-MAGA usually are not like sheep, you are not able to rely them to fall asleep, for the reason that you can find definitely not plenty of of them. And for a Democrat, it is really best hardly ever to know how actually significant the risk is, or it may well truly close up likely away.

Truth is, Trump supporters are the new weather change. We cannot quantify it, but we can convey to you it is really evil. But the fear tactic, it is powerful. Many thanks to Joe and the media, we now have a Democratic the vast majority in a poll who believe that that Trump supporters are a critical danger to democracy. Hell, they even obtained 25% of Republicans to agree. But let’s be trustworthy, those people are the seriously dumb ones. When these heard “25%” they considered, all proper, our finest approval quantities ever. And of program, you experienced the Democrats pushing the notion that violence is looming around the corner. This is Eric Swalwell, in amongst bouts of rampant farting and owning sexual intercourse with Chinese spies, speaking about the coming wave of violent Republicans.

TRUMP-BACKED TUDOR DIXON CRITICIZES GRETCHEN WHITMER Around Schooling Insurance policies, Destruction TO Pupils In the course of COVID

REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-Calif.): They are so out of alignment with mainstream The usa wherever they can’t get the bulk of votes in elections, that they now are much more cozy with violence than voting simply because which is their only route to enacting their political agenda.

Recall when that man ran for president? Yeah, neither can he, I believe he polled reduced than Kamala Harris, which is like declaring you polled decreased than anal warts. No offense to men and women with anal warts, it is really a common difficulty, Mike.

MIKE BAKER: It really is nothing at all that ointment cannot obvious up.

Tudor Dixon, Republican gubernatorial candidate for Michigan, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Tudor Dixon, Republican gubernatorial prospect for Michigan, speaks through the Conservative Political Motion Conference (CPAC).
(Tristan Wheelock/Bloomberg through Getty Photographs)

Yeah, it is accurate. So I resolved to do some investigate about this MAGA menace. I know, as a significant star, I shouldn’t have to do that. But it was possibly that or bare knuckle boxing with Dagen McDowell and her office. Aside from, my intern was active with my laundry. Kilmeade, is such a major bleeder. So given that Joe and the media in no way ever title the genuine threats, referring to it to be an amorphous, nameless blob like manmade climate modify or Pleasure Behar’s overall body odor. I wished to see if I could place a name to this demon. Potentially it’s just one of these Republican candidates functioning for business. Soon after all, all they at any time discuss about is pornography.

REPORTER: Can you outline what pornographic usually means for you in phrases of books in K-12 colleges?

TUDOR DIXON Job interview: Do you need me to define pornographic? I necessarily mean, I can if you want me to. All correct, so there’s two bare persons, and they are performing out a sexual act. So in multiple different sexual acts, do you want me to deliver you some, so you can see them? That would be great, simply because I feel like it would be a tiny awkward.

I really like her. I really like her. Why did she prevent? Honestly, I variety of want she held going. I was just obtaining into it. I was times away from whipping out my credit score card. Let us see Gretchen Whitmer match that kind of pillow communicate. But then again, possibly not, the FBI may possibly check out to kidnap her once more. Oh, so yeah, it is really kinky and all, but is it a danger to democracy? Except if by democracy you mean my pants. Nonetheless, that is terrible, on the other hand, I assume I at last located the menace to this excellent republic.


Her title is Linda Paulson. I’m confident you concur. She is a monster. Hey Utah district twelve, you much better hear up ideal here, due to the fact that’s a new identify on the ballot for the point out Senate this year.


All proper, she’s rapping and she’s lovable. And if she’s smoking any weed, it is really surely medicinal. But damn it, Linda, I speculate if you are pro-religious flexibility, pro-lifestyle and professional-police?

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Yes, she is aware what a lady is. Speedy, an individual introduce her to Ketanji Brown-Jackson.

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson testifies during her Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing.

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson testifies through her Senate Judiciary Committee affirmation hearing.
(AP Image/Alex Brandon)

But no wonder she’s dangerous, she thinks there is certainly two biological sexes. I hope the DOJ, the FBI and the IRS have her on their list and not for overusing the AARP discount. For the reason that I speculate if she enjoys this place.

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So, Linda Paulson for Senate. Now, you will find a authentic danger to democracy. She’s Joe McCarthy in drag, which almost certainly usually means she’s a good human being, a pleasant woman, and must be elected due to the fact currently no one matches that description who works in D.C. You could contact her the bizarro Hillary Clinton and I would vote for her, but I’m not a citizen of Utah, and I am not authorized after that incident with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. That is the past time I inquire about a missionary posture. Still, if that’s the facial area of the Republican Party, no marvel the Dems are fearful. A senior citizen who likes to rap. Hey, I think I just described Bret Baier.

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Somewhere, Vanilla Ice is rolling in his grave.

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