Banana freckle outbreak grows in NT

An outbreak of banana freckle in the Northern Territory is continuing to mature with bacterial infections discovered at 12 more web sites.

The Department of Market, Tourism and Trade’s biosecurity crew has located evidence of the fungal pathogen at Fly Creek, Batchelor, Marrakai and on the Tiwi Islands.

The most recent discoveries take the selection of infected web sites to 29 because the initially diseased vegetation had been noticed in Might this year.

A reaction approach has now been place on keep to permit extra in depth surveillance to figure out the extent of the unfold.

The Northern Territory’s chief plant health officer Anne Walters stated it was clear the present outbreak was more popular than initial thought.

“Staff members from Biosecurity Northern Territory will continue on to accumulate as substantially information and facts as probable by means of continued surveillance about in which banana freckle is getting detected to check out and create how significantly the disease has unfold,” she mentioned.

“Our staff will carry on to liaise with banana growers and market teams to keep them knowledgeable on this evolving problem.

“The surveillance is an critical element of our efforts to protect the Northern Territory’s banana industry.”

NT Farmers Association main government Paul Burke urged any person with a industrial farm or just backyard crops to verify for signs of the an infection.

Banana freckle impacts equally the leaves and fruit.

Contaminated bananas are secure to try to eat but blemishes on the skin cut down their visible attraction and saleability.

Banana freckle also decreases the productivity of banana plants.

The fungus phyllosticta cavendishii, which infects Cavendish and non-Cavendish bananas, and is not viewed as set up in Australia.

Banana freckle has been recorded in 27 international locations across Southeast Asia, Oceania and India.

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