Rakuten Viber Adds New Inbox for Preserving Business and Personalized Chats Individual

The Viber chat app, owned by Japanese e-commerce enterprise Rakuten, is gaining new features to enable its users separate out business enterprise messages from day-to-working day chats with pals. The new Company Inbox, introduced by Rakuten Monday, will arrange and filter messages from shipping and delivery providers, banking companies, outlets or equivalent professional enterprises. 

The new inbox will appear just after a user possibly receives their 1st business enterprise concept or following the app gets current with the characteristic. After the Business enterprise Inbox appears, it will act like a folder for these notes. Enterprise chats can also be moved out of the folder if a consumer prefers to hold them on the primary web site.

The Business enterprise Inbox comes along with the ability to look for for professional accounts, which Viber states will make it possible for folks to obtain a company from the app’s primary lookup bar. Considerably like applying Google Maps or Yelp, finding a business account will provide up a webpage with a business’s address, cellphone amount, speak to facts and texting link by the Viber app.

Even though Viber would not have a US existence that matches up to Apple’s iMessage or Meta’s WhatsApp, the texting app has about just one billion lively people globally as of March 2020, in accordance to the¬†Statista client information portal.

This sort of business-oriented characteristics are similar to all those also supplied by Viber’s chat app rivals like WhatsApp and WeChat, both equally of which provide functions geared towards letting its consumers message corporations along with own contacts.

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